Crippin 2.15


File Encryption and Compression
for the Pocket PC

Version 2.15

Crippin was designed to protect confidential files (text documents, spreadsheets, graphics, photographs, multimedia, etc.) in case a Pocket PC is lost or stolen. It’s been designed to be…

  • quick-and-easy to use
  • small (minimal executable size)
  • miserly (with respect to storage required both during and after encryption)
  • secure (using 128-bit RSA encryption, where available, and wiping both passwords and unencrypted data after use)

Crippin is compatible with all touchscreen versions of the Pocket PC / Windows Mobile operating system and hardware, up to and including version 6.5.x. Currently that means any operating system which includes the phrase “Pocket PC” in its name, or Windows Mobile 6.x Professional or Classic, but not Windows Mobile 6.x Standard edition, nor Windows Phone 7. Crippin’s user interface is not appropriate to Windows Phone 7 or above.

Crippin doesn’t require .NET, Visual Basic, or MFC libraries - the only files it adds to the Windows system directory are shortcuts and a help file. It’s small and efficient and won’t put a strain on your Pocket PC’s resources.

If you are unsure if Crippin is compatible with your device, just try it and see. Let me know if you find a platform on which it doesn’t work.

Most Crippin-encrypted files are less than half the size of the originals, so it can be used purely for compression too. If you only want to use it for compression, just leave all the password fields blank.

With Crippin, you only need to type a password once in order to open an encrypted file, edit it and re-encrypt it. You do have to remember to close the application and re-encrypt the file once you’ve edited it, but that only takes a few taps of the screen so is not too onerous.

The appropriate dialogues pop up automatically, with fields pre-filled whenever it’s safe to do so. Consequently, if encrypting a number of files with the same password, that password only has to be typed once for each file (confirmation is only required for the first file).

There are also various batch encryption and decryption operations, allowing some or all of the displayed files to be encrypted or decrypted using a single password. This allows multiple files to be processed efficiently, simply by placing them all in the same folder, or by setting or clearing their “hidden” attributes.

Crippin includes a tap-and-hold context menu, which allows it to be used as a simple file manager: moving, renaming, copying, deleting and changing of files’ hidden attributes.

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